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By clicking the Download button, you accept the responsibility for using unreleased content (including obtaining any clearances required for your use) and agree to abide by any restrictions. This is an over-patriotic song. The Böhse Onkelz were – so they say – unpolitical skinheads at this time. „Deutschland“ begins with the lines „Auch zwölf dunkle Jahre in deiner Geschichte macht unsre Verbundenheit mit dir nicht zunichte. Es gibt kein Land frei von Dreck und Scherben, hier sind wir geboren, hier wollen wir sterben“ („Also twelve dark years in your history destroyed not our solidarity to you / There`s no state free from dirt and debris. Here are we born, here we want to die.“). Critics state, that this is in fact a deliberate belittlement of the Nazi years. Statement of the band: „Nach den Ereignissen und Entwicklungen der letzten Tage und Wochen erscheint uns diese Maßnahme als die einzig richtige. Losgelöst von der Frage, ob ein Konzert in der jeweiligen Stadt behördlich überhaupt umsetzbar gewesen wäre, ist es letztlich aus unserer Sicht eine Frage der Vernunft und der Verantwortung für euch und uns, diese Tour – zumindest für den Moment – nicht stattfinden zu lassen.

Bis dahin bleibt zu Hause und gesund.“ In the wake of the global Black Lives Matter protests, a social media campaign devoted to coronavirus misinformation is taking a new direction as celebrities hand over their Instagram accounts to political activists. However, the Onkelz` early reputation sticks to them like glue, making frequent justifications necessary. Things are different when it comes to Rammstein, despite certain similarities between the bands. The hard rockers from Berlin have built a musical empire on a menacing image and ambiguous political lyrics. But an investigation by German authorities in 2005 found no evidence of right-wing extremism. . Germany`s far-right extremists use the Internet to reach young people – and are using more and more foreign providers in order to avoid the law. Meanwhile, big sites like Facebook are taking action against extremism. (10.07.2013) „Frankreich `84“ was one of the tracks, because of which the whole album was embargoed. The term „Frankreichüberfall“ (France Assault i.e.

assault on France), is reminiscent of the German attack on France in World War II. The Bundesprüfstelle für jugendgefährdende Schriften (German Federal Department for Media Harmful to Young Persons) concluded that „Frankreich `84 is forcing violence and glorifying the Nazi regime“ and is demeaning to the French national team and supports Nazi tendencies. This track is concerned with child abuse, told from the perspective of the criminal himself. „Ich bin der nette Mann von nebenan, und jeder könnt` es sein. Schaut mich an, schaut mich an, ich bin das perverse Schwein.“ („I am the nice man from next door / and everyone could it be / Look at me, look at me / I am the pervert pig“).