Apple Support Agreements

AppleCare for Enterprise starts with an AppleCare Account Manager – your personal link to AppleCare. Your AppleCare account manager helps you check your IT infrastructure, track issues, and host monthly audits of your business, including support calls and repairs. With the continued support of your AppleCare Account Manager, appleCare for Enterprise you and your team will get the most out of appleCare for Enterprise. – Learn more about Apple TV Content Usage Rules on AppleCare for Enterprise provides support for six technical contacts you have designated at the IT services level. Support is available 24 hours a day with one-hour response times for priority issues, z.B in the event of a production service shutdown. You can also increase the number of technical contacts for a fee. Some services and repairs are covered by AppleCare plans. Check the terms and conditions of some plans to see which support services can be included in your Apple products. The terms and conditions in this Agreement, which relate to services, types of content, functions or functions that are not available in your home country, apply to you only if they are available to you. To view the types of content available to you in your home country, visit the services or check with

Some of the services and content you have in your home country may not be available to you if you are travelling outside your home country. AppleCare OS support plans provide support for incidents at the enterprise level – defined as support for integration into heterogeneous environments; The components of the system Configuration and network management Professional software applications web applications and services; and technical issues requiring the use of command line tools for resolution.1 Each AppleCare OS support plan includes AppleCare Help Desk support, an annual technical support plan that covers an unlimited number of support incidents for the installation, start-up and use of the software. hardware and software diagnostics and troubleshooting; and isolation for Apple-based solutions. AppleCare for Enterprise can help reduce the burden of your internal helpdesk by providing 24-hour technical support to your employees over the phone. Apple will provide technical support for Apple hardware and operating systems. Apple apps such as Keynote, Pages and Numbers; accounts or personal settings. This agreement represents the entire agreement between you and Apple and governs your use of the Services, replacing all previous agreements regarding the same purpose between You and Apple. You may also be subject to additional terms and conditions that may apply if you use affiliate services, third-party content, third-party software or additional services such as the volume purchase program. If part of this agreement is declared invalid or unenforceable, that part must be interpreted in a manner consistent with applicable law in order to best reflect the parties` original intentions, and the other parties remain fully in force and effective. Apple`s inability to enforce rights or provisions of this agreement does not constitute a waiver of that or other provision. Apple is not liable for non-compliance due to causes that are beyond its control.

In the diagrams above, a green tick displays an unlimited number of support incidents.