Band Agreement Contract

Hello I play in a band and I try to establish us as an LLC under a written contract. We have a project and we want to know how much it would cost if you looked at them and made recommendations? Without unity among the members of your group, whether verbally, written on a towel (is it still done?), written or written by an entertainment lawyer (shameless sheet), some key issues must be negotiated at a time when perhaps not everyone is acting reasonably. Or you will have to rely on the law that may not provide appropriate solutions to your situation. Nina stresses, however, that we must not go broke from the idea of a band as a company the creativity that arises from common music. „A lot of people are debunked by legal contracts,“ she says. „It`s a necessary evil, but it doesn`t take it away from the group at all.“ Indeed, you will probably save your friendships and professional relationships by putting everyone on the same side sooner rather than later. Group members agree to share all net profits or losses, commitments and rights of the group. If a member decides to leave the band, that member has only shares in the winnings of the recorded and distributed music, while that member was still part of the band. When a member withdraws, this agreement remains in effect for the remaining members of the group.

If a new member is added, he or she must agree under this agreement. Earnings from different group activities should not be evenly distributed or in the same way. Recording and performance funds can be a uniform allocation, while publication and merchandise may not be. What is your structure? [18 Ways Musicians Can Make Money] Once you feel like the group is „stable,“ you should talk to everyone about what commitment really is. Put the idea of a group agreement on the group. Explain why it`s important and how it`s going to help. (In fact, it might make people happy to know exactly what they are guaranteed as a member of the group.) Then choose a time to work out the details. The representative of the group signed below guarantees that he is entitled to sign this agreement in its entirety. The operator`s representative, signed below, guarantees that he is entitled to hire the operator and the location (above). Are the following decisions taken by a majority, unanimously or not? Does anyone have more voices than anyone else? What is the plan if a decision is to be made by a majority, but there are an even number of members of the group who can vote? What happens when a member of the group is sick, disabled or dying? How much money, if any, does it owe a former member of the group? If there is a one-time payment for the band`s net inventory value at check-out time, how is it calculated and what is the payment schedule? If there is an ongoing commitment, what is the formula for royalties and other revenues from recordings made during the former member`s period? Le présent contrat (l`“accord ») est établi à cette date par __________________________________ entre opérateur (l`opérateur) et __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________das « bande » pour le recrutement de ruban comme contractant indépendant pour l`exécution le « show » pour l`opérateur à l`adresse ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________