What Is A Planning Performance Agreement

As noted above, we are committed to coordinating interdepartmental work. However, in the case of large, complex projects, other stakeholders from partner organizations should be required to respond in a timely and proactive manner to each project. Other stakeholders, including County Council and Statutory Agencies (Highway Agency, Environment Agency and Natural England), are invited, if necessary, to commit to participate prior to the application. In addition, where major development sites go beyond the borders of local communities, we will ensure that the common approach to work is fully transformed. The local planning authority is committed to sharing existing information with development interests. i. clarity of decision-making times and the establishment of a specific planning committee to be implemented. At this point, officials can discuss whether a proposal would benefit from an AEA or whether a proposal is only able to move directly to the formal planning submission. Paying an AEA fee ensures that your application is processed on an agreed schedule with meetings to resolve issues encountered during the application process. However, it does not guarantee the granting of a building permit. If the planning proposal is contrary to the guidelines adopted by the Council, the London plan or the national guidelines, it is recommended to be rejected. As with all project management approaches, it is always helpful to keep the content of planning performance agreements as simple as possible and the main idea should be that the parties agree on the way forward.

At least a simple approach, such as an agreed-on-schedule approach, development goals and task responsibility, could suffice. In highly complex systems of strategic importance, it may be necessary to develop a common vision in order to promote stronger collaborative work. There must always be a clear and agreed timetable for a decision on the application as soon as it is submitted. These are voluntary agreements between candidates and local planning authorities that help: we advise and assist developers through a Planning Performance Agreement (AAE) for measurements within the Council`s rehabilitation zones and for other important applications handled by our regeneration team. Local planning authorities may place a burden on the administrative work inherent in the agreement and implementation of the planning performance agreement, as long as it goes beyond the legal powers of a public authority. All fees must reflect the broader principles for collecting pre-nomination fees – as far as possible as part of a clear menu of pre-application services – and in addition to any subsequent planning fees for the proposed development. This useful project management tool improves the process of complex planning applications. Collaboration with the community prior to application is encouraged where it will add value to the process and outcome.