Agreement Driving Licence

In order to help Moroccans travel abroad with a Moroccan driver`s license, the Kingdom of Morocco has concluded with a number of countries a number of bilateral agreements regarding the recognition and conversion of Moroccan driver`s licenses (see list below). States that are signatories to these agreements allow holders of a driver`s licence issued by the Moroccan authorities to travel on their territory during their short stay (tourism, training, studies, training, etc.); In the event of an extended stay, interested parties must proceed with the transformation of the driver`s licence, under the conditions provided by the legislation of the host country. With regard to the documents necessary for the transformation of the licence, interested parties should refer to the legislation in force in those countries. Some EU countries may recognise licences issued in a number of third countries. If you have a European driver`s licence issued in exchange for a non-European driver`s licence and you wish to move to another EU country, you should be aware that your new driver`s licence may not be recognised. Angeles is a Chilean who moved to Spain a few years ago. With Spain recognising Chilean driver`s licenses, one of them was able to exchange it for a Spanish licence after completing some paperwork. Please note that once you have obtained an Irish apprenticeship licence, it takes precedence over your full foreign driver`s licence and all rules and regulations apply to the holder of a learning/z.B licence. Displaying the „L“ plates, must be accompanied, etc., Monica lives in Cyprus and has an Italian driver`s license that has been damaged. To obtain a new licence, it must exchange its Italian licence for a Cypriot licence. She obtained a license from Cyprus valid for 15 years instead of 10 years as in Italy.

If you are from an EU/EEA country and have a full driver`s licence from your home country, you must provide a copy of an electricity bill (electricity, telephone or gas) at your address in Ireland. Before exchanging your driver`s licence, the authorities will contact the authorities in your former country of residence to verify that your licence has not been restricted, suspended or withdrawn. If you change a license in an old style, you will receive the new standard format (plastic, credit card photo card since 2013). Registration recalls and driver`s licence renewal Your UK driver`s licence remains valid until the end of a transitional period. The UK-EU mutual licensing agreements will be part of negotiations on future relations during the transition period. If you have a driver`s licence issued by an EU/EEA Member State, you can drive in Ireland as long as your existing driver`s licence is valid. If you wish to exchange your driver`s licence for an equivalent Irish licence, you must do so within 10 years of the expiry of your driver`s licence. Temporary or temporary driving licences and international driving licences (or other certificates issued in your home country) are not regulated at EU level and cannot be recognised in other EU countries. In addition to your national licence, you need an international driver`s license if you must have a valid current driver`s license from the country where you live. EU/EEA licensees residing in Ireland may apply to be moved. Check the conditions for recognising non-eu licences with local authorities in your new country.

A uk government website (Dept. of Transport) assures us that if we returned to the UK with a German driver`s licence, we could exchange it for a British driver`s licence. If you are from one of the countries in the Guide to Use for the Graduated (GDL) Exemption Program (PDF, 695 KB), which is listed in the „Minimum Acceptance Standards“ section, you must provide additional proof of your conduct.