Tenancy Declaration Agreement

If you take the property as a tenant, it is important that you understand that each tenant is jointly responsible for the rental agreement. Therefore, if one of these tenants decides to evacuate the property before the fixed life expires, the other designated tenants remain responsible for the entire rent. [I OR The Tenant] proposes to enter into an agreement with [the landlord`s name] to abandon the lease on a date or in the circumstances mentioned in the agreement. I herehein confirm that the information I have provided is, to my knowledge, verified and I have no objection to the information that is deemed necessary being verified. As far as I know, the results will be forwarded to a designated credit reference agency, the designated agent and/or the lessor and may be recalled if I apply for a lease in the future. I agree that Patricia Shepherd Letting Management can browse the files of a credit reference agency that will record this search. I also understand that the owner and/or owner does not give me details of the search, but that I can request the name and address of the credit reference agency, from which I can request a copy of the information provided. I also confirm that in the event of a default of the lease agreement, such a default can be registered with the credit reference agency and may affect any future credit application I make. I recognize here that the above information will be used to assess my rental application, as long as I understand that if a lease is granted and the information provided is deemed false, which will be the reason for the lessor or his representative to terminate the lease. I agree that the information provided is stored on the computer. I confirm that I am in a position to continue the lease if this application proves successful, I confirm that the required down payment is available and I understand that the termination of this application may be considered a breach of contract and I agree to compensate the lessor or broker for any costs incurred by my revocation. I confirm that appropriate content insurance is underwritten and underwritten before or on the day of the start of the lease. I also confirm that I have received a copy of the attached Tenant Fee Structure.

The landlord must send a formal notice to the tenant to inform them of what they are going to do. This is a standard form in the original settlements, and issued before entering into a lease or actual lease for leasing in this form or in a substantially similar form (you can buy one here and see a sample here). You may therefore have reached the stage where a lease is entered into and put into circulation, but it cannot have been signed and concluded before the notice was issued and the proceedings closed. In short, this communication will formally inform the tenant that he is about to waive the security of seniority and rights at the end of the agreed tenancy agreement and will therefore tell them that they are being professionally advised on this issue. Although this is a standard note, you need to make sure it is addressed to the right customer`s name and location and delivered correctly.