The Four Agreements Reddit

Simple yet life-changing advice. It`s the first time I`ve heard of the book from an entrepreneur I`ve followed on Twitter – he says he reads it every week. It`s a quick read. Now I have the chords on a bracelet and I try to think about them when I wake up. Do yourself a favor and learn more about it! Here are the four chords that were taken directly from the book. Let them pass together. The last time these four were on this pennies was in an article from a year ago from /u/saicho. I know that many of us have not read it yet. I read it in session today. I recommend it. It is not very long.

It really gave me a new perspective on the origin of suffering and our place in the world. The four chords are full of things that really annoy me like „If you think you have cancer, you`ll end up having cancer“ But overall, I feel like the message is good. Don`t put negativity in your life, and if you don`t have anything good to say about someone, don`t say it. Of course, not everyone is perfect. You won`t always follow these so-called „agreements,“ but if you make an effort, it can change your life. The agreements apply from work to the family. „Always do your best“ helps you recharge after a failed sales interview that you`ve been practicing for days. „Don`t make assumptions“ will help you communicate and ask better questions before destroying your relationship out of insecurity.

„Don`t take anything personal“ will help you see the world clearer over time. The four agreements are an attempt to bring you inner peace. You are an attempt at reprogramming. There have been thousands of trials over the years, so you don`t feel too bad if it doesn`t resonate with you. Look for another way that gives you a sense of well-being. But the power of the four agreements is indisputable. You can use them every day in any situation. You go beyond the „rules,“ so you don`t have to throw away old beliefs if you don`t want to. If you „agree“ with them and „do your best“ to follow them, you can go to bed each night with a clear conscience.

But at the end of the day, it relates to almost all four of these „agreements“ when you think about it. I swear on the universe I saw in my parents` house. These are strong chords, thank you very much for writing them here. In any case, recommend to read the 4 chords and mastery of love of gift miguel ruiz. . That is my interpretation and it is far from a fact. Tell me if there`s anything I can solve! 🙂 Good luck to you. Being questionable about these ideas is very understandable, but you won`t understand, unless you actually put them in the „practice“ You can`t change the past, focus on what you can change and be the best person you can advance. Everyone makes mistakes, it`s the way we learn from them that make us who we are.