Trade Agreement Between Ethiopia And Djibouti

Agreements included strengthening cooperation in criminal matters, drawing up plans to ensure regular, safe and orderly migration on the basis of the spirit of the Marrakesh Agreement, the development of a new comprehensive agreement on labour issues, and strengthening existing cooperation on peace and security at the bilateral and IGAD levels. African Union and the United Nations. Djibouti takes over about 95 percent of Inbound`s total trade for the interior of Ethiopia, Africa`s second most populous nation and the economic powerhouse of East Africa. The 15th session of the Djibouti-Ethiopia Joint Ministerial Commission also provided an opportunity for an important dialogue and a realistic working platform to further accelerate the pace of cooperation and economic integration. He called for credible measures to resolve all outstanding issues and agreed on the implementation of solutions to promote the continuation of the upward spiral of economic ties and common peace and stability. He stressed the need to accelerate the follow-up of agreements and to refine the management capabilities of systems that enhance prosperity and security. The meeting stressed the importance of regular bilateral dialogues to promote the development of the Common Common Agenda for a Greater Common Good. In 2011, the link between the Djibouti and Ethiopian power grids was completed. The $95 million project, sponsored by the African Development Bank, includes the installation of a 283 km 230 KV transmission line that allows Djibouti to import 60 MW of electricity from its neighbouring country. The agreement with Djibouti follows Ethiopia`s agreement to acquire a 19% share of the port of Berbera in the secessionist Somaliland region of Somalia. DP World owns 51%, the rest is under government control.

The Ethiopian side commended the Government of Djibouti for its efforts to improve relations with Eritrea. Djibouti welcomed the courageous steps taken by Prime Minister Dr Abiy to promote calm in the region. Peace initiatives have been a strong starting point for encouraging young people to participate in the current wind of hope, change and confidence. The agreements reached clearly demonstrated the deep commitment of both governments to promoting the prosperity of their peoples.